Introduction to interface in ABAP objects

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Introduction to interface in ABAP objects

Post  Uma_ABAP on Sun Apr 01, 2012 1:17 pm

Interface is one of the strong features of OOP; interface coupled with inheritance is used to feature one of the most powerful features of OOP called polymorphism.

Interface is similar to abstract class but it has many strong features. Interface like class has both definitions as well as the implementation part. The interface can be implemented only in the class that uses it. Interface, which is an independent structure, is used to implement in a class to extend the scope of a class. Interfaces extend the scope of a class by adding their own components to its public section. This allows users to address different classes via a universal point of contact.

How to write simple interface
INTERFACE my_interface.
Data : name(20).
METHODS: I_method1,


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