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This type of reports we call it as drill down reports, in which several secondary lists can be generated. For developing this type of report we use three events i.e
i. At line-selection
-This event is triggered when you double click on the list.
ii. At user-command
-This event is triggered when you press any Function key on application toolbar or any menu option.
iii. At pf##
-This event is triggered when you provide the screen cursor is on a list line and a function is selected using the function code PF##. Here ## stands for a number between 01 and 24.
In this type of report you can use two techniques-
1)HIDE - This statement is used to store user action value in a variable.
2)Get cursor - This statement holds the cursor position.

System fields –
‘sy-lsind’ is the system variable which holds the index of the list.
‘sy-lisel’ holds the line content when there is a user action.
‘sy-linno’ holds the current line number in the list.
‘sy-linct’ contains Page Length of List.
‘sy-ucomm’ holds the function code of the function key.


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