How to run a program in background?

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How to run a program in background? Empty How to run a program in background?

Post  govind on Sun Apr 08, 2012 3:29 pm

Execute the Report ->
In the selection screen :After filling the screen fields press F9.
A screen appears requesting U to print the Background Parameters
*Enter the output device(Eg HPLJ /SAP2 etc)
*In the spool options Uncheck Print immedietly,Uncheck delete after output,and new spool request.
Press enter.
Another screen appears with heading start time .U can press start immly ,then save
Now the Background job is scheduled for the given program .

To View the status of background Job,The transaction code is SM37.
Execute from the resulting screen .Job overview -->From the Job list select U’r program and select Spool from the application toolbar->Output Controller :List of Spool Requests->Select U’r Spool request and click Display icon from the overview screen .
U will be displayed with the List.
Caution :See to that the list with does not exceed 255 columns ,If it exceeds the extra columns will be truncated in Background


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