Finding BADI from ST05 in SAP Step By Step

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Finding BADI from ST05 in SAP Step By Step

Post  Admin on Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:06 am

1. GO to transaction code ST05.

2. Select the check BOX “BUFFER TRACE” , Click on the button “ACTIVATE TRACE”.
3. Then run any transaction which you require to find “BADI”. Example I ran transaction code ‘VL02n’.
4. Then come back to ST05 . and click on “Deactivate Trace” and “Display Trace”.

5. Then you can see popup “ Set Restrictions for displaying Trace”.

7. Click on arrow mark of “OBJECTS”

8. Provide the below information in the single value. And execute & press enter.

9. Then you can see the list of BADI’ s available for VL02n transaction undet “Statement” column.


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