What is NODATA in BDC?

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What is NODATA in BDC? Empty What is NODATA in BDC?

Post  govind on Wed Feb 01, 2012 1:17 am

First of all, NODATA is not really part of the BDC technology, but it's a smart trick used by data input programs (using BDC, direct input, or any other technologies) where data is provided in flat or CSV-like files.
NODATA is the name of a character that is used to say "don't fill the field if it contains NODATA". We could think that fields with empty value should not be filled, but "unfortunately" it is often needed to blank out fields. NODATA is used to be "/" in the BDC technology (when you generate a program or function module from SHDB transaction), but you can use any value that is never used as a real value.


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