Differences In Between User Exits & Customer Exits

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Differences In Between User Exits & Customer Exits

Post  sailesh on Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:39 pm

1.USER EXITS are FORMS and are called by SAP standard programs
using PERFORM.

CUSTOMER EXITS are FUNCTIONS so they are called using CALL

2.Inside the form (user exit) you can read and change almost
any global data from host program.
Inside a function (customer exit) you can only acces your
import/export/changing/tables parameters.

3.User exits are more flexible because you have more
information to use in your code but on the other hand , it
is very easy to manipulate erroneously global data and lead
the standard program to a dump or even to make database
Customer exits are more restrictive but you are sure any
change you can make to any parameters will never lead to

4.User-exit doesn’t have any classification.
In customer-exit we have function-module exit , screen exit
, menu exit.

5.User exits are Basically designed For SD module.
Costomer exits Are available for MM,SD,FI,HR…..Basically
designed for all modules.

6.While changing User-exit,Access Key is required, whereas in
Customer-exit no access key is needed.


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