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Post  govind on Wed Mar 14, 2012 11:37 pm

BDC ( Batch Data Communication ) is used for uploading mass data into SAP system. In SAP system BDC also referred to batch input or data transfer.

BDC is generally used where there is an newly installed R/3 system. BDC allows you to update data through transaction. That is data validation is done. As data flows through transaction that contains screens and that contains flow logic which does validation at screen level.

BDC is done through recording. This contains BDCDATA structure. In that it involves following fields.

PROGRAM - It is Tcode’s program name
DYNPRO - It represents screen number
DYNBEGIN - It indicates start of screen
FNAM - It shows filed name that are present in screen
FVAL - It holds value of the screen field


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