How to create BAPI?

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How to create BAPI? Empty How to create BAPI?

Post  govind on Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:54 am

Remember all should save in one package.

->Create structure ( must be remote enabled ) in SE11 start name with 'ZBAPI< name >'
->Assisgn package and save it
->Release that structure
->Goto SWO1 and create a Buisness Object start name with 'ZBAPI_< name >'
->Give all mandatory information such as Object type,Object name, Name, Description, Program and Application
->Click on create
->Goto Utilities->API methods->Add method
->Give created Function Module name
->click on next step button two times and click on Yes
->Now implement the BAPI. Goto Object type->Change release status to->Implemented
->Generate the BAPI by clicking the symbol 'ball' on application toolbar
->Now release that BAPI. Goto Object type->Change release status to->Released
->Click on Execute to test it.

Now the BAPI is successfully created.


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